The Winery Property

The winery property was acquired in December of 2015. It's a beautiful property overlooking Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes wine region, New York State. The glacial soils are excellent for growing grapes and the microclimate from the lake provides cool air over the vineyards to extend and moderate the growing season, which is ideal for the cool climate grape varietals grown in the Finger Lakes.

Vineyard at Mark T. Wiltberger CellarsThe prior owner grew table grapes on the land and the twelve acre property presently has 3.5 acres of labrusca (American native) vineyard. This may be replaced with vinifera (European) varietals such as Riesling and Grüner Veltliner.

The white and blue pole barn on the property has a high gabled roof and a wide concrete floor. When I saw the large barn I knew it would be perfect for small batch winemaking. The side room may eventually be converted into a tasting room for small groups.

I acquired a used Howard 1200S wine press made in Germany many years ago. It may be old but it is built like a tank, nearly indestructible. Paradoxically, as a small screw-press, it is capable of very gentle pressing of the grapes.

Having acquired the wine tanks before purchasing the property, for artisanal winemaking I had all the necessary equipment for crushing grapes in the 2016 harvest.


The property also has a cozy farmhouse, in which I live. I am living a traditional winemaking lifestyle that you might find at a small family winery in Germany or many other places. I step outside of my house to take care of my vineyard or go to the barn to tend to the wine. It is really quite amazing. I know I am quite lucky and I know I would not be here without support from family and friends.



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