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Gruner Veltliner

Enjoyed every sip. Refreshing and just light enough.

Loved by entire Family!

This was a big hit at my brother's wedding, by oenophiles and casual drinkers alike!

Great winery.

Smooth to the palette. Delicious taste.

Great wines, great purchase experience!

Everything was great; ordering, quick delivery, nicely packaged, and wonderful wines.

Winery Founder Shipment 2020
Tom W.
Mark T. Wiltberger Cellars - excellent!

I recently purchased a case from Mark T. and the wine is exceptional.

Winery Founder Shipment 2020
Ava G.
Mark T. Wiltberger Wine

Fabulous. The case arrived according to schedule. The communication and coordination from the Wiltberger side was personal and helping. It was like Mark T. Wiltberger was an old friend because he took such personal interest in making sure the product arrived according to the plan.

As for the product itself, I was floored to know this only the second or third year of Mr. Wiltberger’s wines. He has a product that will stand the test of time and enjoy a meteoric rise without concern of fading.

Thank you, Mark.

Winery Founder Shipment 2020
Cheryl C.
Another stellar collection from Mark T. Wiltberger Cellars

This is my second shipment of a variety of wines this vineyard offers and I am delighted with the first bottle I sampled, the 2014 Reisling, Chisled Lake. If shipment is possible to your state, take advantage of the excellent packing and shipping of the combination collections offered by this high quality grower.

Winery Founder Shipment 2020
Peter H.
Mark T. Wiltberger Cellars - delivered a nice case of Finger Lakes wines.

Very nice variety of wines. Thank you.

Winery Founder Shipment 2020
marla m.
The Chardonnay was definitely corked

The Chardonnay was definitely corked . We did like the the one Riesling that we opened. Looking forward to trying the red.

Grüner - Chard - Riesling Combo
Jill W.

I just ordered a half case of Mark T. Wiltberger wines for my brother Bill Wiltberger for his 71st birthday! He loved his present! He said he had a surrealistic moment when he opened the box... "What is my name doing on these wines?!!" But he was thrilled. And it was so easy working with Mark on this surprise birthday gift. I will be ordering more!


Mark. Thanks again for setting up the gift to Lori. You may want to contact her to see if she was satisfied!!

Excellent wine and Service

exceptional wine for the price and easy to order...

Grüner - Chard Combo
Jeff W.
Holiday Complaint

Great wine! My only complaint is that a case never lasts long enough!

Grüner - Chard Combo
Karl F.
Excellent wine and Service

Really excellent wines and great customer service...

Grüner - Riesling Case Combo
Lori E.
Delightful Wine

A most enjoyable wine to sip on a hot summer evening. Mark delivers an elegant wine.

Grüner - Chard - Riesling Case Combo
William W.

After being away for nine months we returned to our case of wine. We invited neighbors over for a welcome home dinner which featured the Wiltberger Wines. They were delicious and perfectly balanced. They are our go to FingerLakes wines when entertaining.

Fantastic Rieslings!

I have had hit or miss experiences with rieslings in the US and New York State in the past and therefore have steered away from rieslings. Mark's two rieslings - Trilium and Wanderlust - have changed my mind. They are as good or better than some of the fine rieslings I have had in Alsace or Germany. I served both at a New Year's Eve dinner and they were the hit of the night. Right out of the gate, I believe he is a fantastic addition to our region's winemaking and I look forward to whatever Mark produces in the future.

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Jack H. (Rochester, US)
Enjoyed great wines

Pleasantly surprised how easy it was to receive our first four wines. This is the first time we ordered wines to be shipped through the mail. Wanderlust is now my favorite Riesling. I enjoy rieslings that are somewhere in the semi-sweet/semi-dry range. To my taste Wanderlust is a perfect combination of sweetness and an overall clean taste. I would not consider myself a wine expert, but I have enjoyed a number of finger lakes rieslings as well as rieslings from other areas. Wanderlust would now be my first choice over all others. I also enjoyed the Convivial.

Sampler Four-Pack
Robert S. (Endicott, US)
Excellent quality, Excellent value

My wife and I thought the wine selection was excellent. We enjoyed them all, but the Riesling was definitely our favorite. Looking forward to purchasing more in the near future.

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Rob A. (Geneva, US)
Outstanding riesling

We enjoy the wine very much. The Trillium riesling is our favorite. It's really excellent. Wanderlust is a touch sweeter, but very nicely balanced. The Convivial Gruner is a little unusual for the variety, floral. The Open Door Chardonnay is a nice, easy sipper.

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Tim F. (Winnetka, US)
Delicious white wines!

Great stuff! Keep up the good work Mark!

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john w. (New York, US)

The wine is amazing. And I’m not just saying that because you are my nephew. Friends enjoyed it too. Love the label design and the unique names also.

Sampler Four-Pack
Mark P. (West Chester, US)
Loved it!

Had a dinner party over the winter holidays and the wine was a perfect fit. Light, fresh and bright... my only wish was that I was drinking during summer. I'll just have to order another round.

Sampler Six-Pack
Joan F. (De Beque, US)

Great again Mark .I prefer the Open Door and Wanderlust. Hopefully on the future I can just order those 2.

Hi Joan,
I can customize the selection for you to some degree. However in future years the selection of wines will vary depending on what I produce that vintage.

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Cheryl C. (Penn Yan, US)
Strong Right Out of the Gate

Mark Wiltberger is far from a novice vintner. For decades he has patiently learned his trade and so his first offerings deliver at a far higher quality than other new wineries, perhaps any other. We plan to visit the winery this summer and look forward to tasting more wines throughout the year. About half of our first shipment went to friends as gifts, so we may need to reorder soon.